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Sunset, El Hierro, Canary Islands


Brighton and Lake District - Spring 1993

One of my four sisters works at the Grand Hotel in Brighton, so we occasionally get to stay at staff rates.  This makes a pleasant break and a chance to experience Brighton, which has excellent shops and restaurants, and catch up with my sister.  Nearby Arundel Castle had the most incredible flower arranging competition.  The Castle setting is impressive but who could imagine that flower arranging could be described, accurately, as spectacular?

Fire Damaged West Pier, Brighton



Arundel Castle


 Grand Hotel, Brighton - My 31st Birthday                                                          Lake District   



Predictable rain in the English Lake District   


Lake District                                                                                                    This, rather improbably, is Salford Quays


 Salford Quays                                                                                                                         Walk The Plank - Floating Theatre Company


The English Lake District is also a few hours drive from our Manchester home so is in easy reach for a weekend of camping, climbing and walking.  Or in this case, sat in the tent, waiting either for the rain to clear or the pub to open.


The co-founder of Walk The Plank, Britain's only floating theatre, is a very talented school friend and she flattered me by making me a non-executive director of her company.  Their ship,  The Fitzcarraldo (an ex-Norwegian ferry), is moored in Salford Quays.  This gave us a chance to investigate this newly renovated area - which is a major transformation. 



Sussex - April 1993

Our imaginative secretary found yet another historic and characterful venue for our latest business meeting.  Bailiffscourt Hotel, Climping, Sussex.  Rooms were fully refurbished with four poster beds and modern amenities.  Spare time was spent in the excellent restaurant, bar and playing croquet on the lawn.

Business Meeting, Bailiffscourt Hotel, Climping, Sussex -  April 1993


Sister #1/4 Gets Married - May 1993

Another excuse for a family reunion


Yachting off The Canary Islands (twice) 1993

Encouraged after successfully passing our dinghy sailing course last year, we attended a winter-long shore based yacht theory course in Manchester.  We passed our Day Skipper theory yacht exam in May and decided to add some practical qualifications.  This entailed us doing two fortnight-long yacht based courses in the Canary Islands.  The first was in May / June where we covered 349 nautical miles and the second was October / November also for 349 sea miles.

Clair's Morning Coffee                                              Me                                                                               Clair


We booked a beautiful 45' Feeling 446 from Club Sail This was a 10 berth yacht which we generally shared with no more than 3 other crew and a skipper, so we had loads of room.  Starting in Puerto Colon on the touristy island of Tenerife we were amazed to be able sail to more remote Canary Islands and find them virtually deserted of holiday makers.  We visited such exotic places as Los Christianos, Valle Gran Rey, Playa Santiago, San Sebastian (Island of Gomera), Puerto Restinga (Island of El Hierro), Playa le Suarez and Los Gigantes. 


El Hierro


Gomera                                                                                                                  Los Gigantes


Sail Reefing                                                                Helming                                                                     Getting Aboard


Sailing into the Sunset





Gomera with Mount Teide, Tenerife in Distance


Mast Maintenance





Swimming with Pilot Whales


Clair on Ace of Clubs - our Feeling 446


Snorkeling on our own Island                                                                                   Dinner (and wine) Ashore


The tropical climate, fabulous sea food, quiet inlets and deserted beaches made this a unique experience.  We swam with pilot whales, saw turtles and exotic sea birds, sailed through a force 6 gale and snorkeled around deserted islets.  Most nights we could drop anchor in a quiet fishing harbour and sample the excellent sea food and wine in local restaurants.  As we were able to escape the tourists on our boat we were often the only holiday makers in town.  An added bonus was coming away with our Competent Crew and Day Skipper RYA (Royal Yachting Association) qualifications.


El Hierro                                                                      Helming in a Force 6                                              Lighthouse


Tea with views over El Hierro


Puerto Restinga


Views over El Hierro                                                                                                     Spinnaker


Skipper                                                                                                           Crew


After returning from our November holiday we were delighted to discover that Clair was pregnant.


Autumn 1993

Clair destroys something with a JCB                                               My Grandmother aged 84                     Haworth, Yorkshire


Bronte parsonage, Hawath, Yorkshire


Sales Conference




Living in England

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